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Introduction to smsDakia Ufone

Now you can send free sms from internet to mobile on ufone numbers and any other mobile number in Pakistan. is a 100 % completly free website from where you can send FREE SMS to any mobile number in pakistan. You can send instant sms from internet to any mobile number in Pakistan.
Send FREE SMS now You can send free fast sms text message to ufone network mobile numbers.

You can send extremely long SMS text messages to all mobile networks and mobile numbers in Pakistan.

The website servce is also reliable and sms text messages are sent from internet to mobile fast, instantly and within seconds.

One SMS can be sent to multiple reciepients with a single click.

Send free SMS to any mobile number in Pakistan. smsDakia is a free sms service that allows you to send sms to any number in Pakistan. Send SMS from internet to mobile phones for free. Avoid hassle of writing sms on your tiny mobile phone keyboards. sms are delivered to mobile phones fast and quick. This sms service is completly free." Go to sms Dakia Home

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  • Its 101% FREE!!
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  • Send SMS to unlimited mulitple reciepients Vs just 1 reciepient for a SMS for unregistered users
  • Avoid the hassle of filling extra (Human Test - 'Number') field
  • Enjoy other 'only for members' features coming soon

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