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About smsDakia - FAQ

What is


smsDakia is a concept website to facilitate the idea of web to mobile communication. Users can send SMS to any mobile in Pakistan for FREE!!. You can learn more about the idea and smsDakia webite here.



smsDakia is a service that is completly FREE!!!, and when we say FREE!!!, we mean it. There are no hidden threads or conditions. You can send a limited length text from main page for FREE or you can also register for FREE! to enjoy a wide range of features, once again , all for FREE!!!

Why should you use


You chould use beacuse it is FREE, because it allows you to send unlimited length text messages to multiple numbers with a single click. Because you may be out of your lovely home country, Pakistan, and you dont have a cell phone abroad to communicate with your family & loved one back home. Because helps you avoid hassle of writing sms on your tiny mobile phone keyboards. Because you can simple copy-paste text and send it to a mobile. Because you might be out of credit, & above all, because it is the next best thing.

What about my privacy?

Is your information shared?


We keep your sms information only for a limited period to troubleshoot any problems. Your information is not shared with anyone or used by us for any purpose other than

Registration - FAQ

Why should I register?


A registered user enjoy a wide range of features that are not available to a non-registered user. For a list of these features, click here

Can I register for free?

  [Top] is a completly FREE! service and so is the registeration. There are not hidden charges or anything. You should register for a wide range of features that are not available to a non-registered users

How can I register?


You can register by visiting the registration page. The are three ways to register. 'Mobile', 'Reference Code' and 'Request'.

Why are there three ways to register? and how do they differ?


There are three ways of registration, 'Mobile', 'Reference Code' and 'Request', to facilitate the users. The three ways are basically three ways of verifying your account. Users with an active mobile should use the 'Mobile' registration. Users without a mobile can either use 'Reference Code' or 'Request' methods.

What is 'Mobile' registration?
Why and who should use it?


'Mobile' registration is a way of registration where your account verifications is done throuhgt a mobile. A valid mobile number* is required on which the account-verification code is sent. A user with an active mobile number* should use the option of 'Register with Mobile'. Right now, mobile number issued by Pakistani cellular operators are supported. A mobile number can only be used for one account. To register through mobile, click here

What is 'Reference code'?
Why and who should use it?


A Reference-code is a code that is generated by a registered user to invite a person/user who does not have a mobile. In this case, an email is required for account verification instead of mobile. Users outside Pakistan or users without a mobile* can use this facility by asking a registered user for a reference-code.

How can I get a reference code?


You can get a reference-code by asking a registered user on to refer you (read next FAQ if you dont know a registered used). The registered user can text the reference code to your mobile or email by using the 'Refer a friend' feature or simple covey it to you in person

What is registration through 'Request'?
Why and who should use it?


If you dont have an active mobile number* and you don't know a reistered user on, than you can request support team for an account. We shall manually review/verify your request and issue you an account. This method is ideal for user who are outside Pakistan. The 'request' should describe the reason for using this method over other ways of registration(Mobile, reference code), and some user details. To make a request, visit this link or email to

What is verification code?


A verification code is a unique string that is sent to your email or mobile number during registration process. This verification code is required to verify that the mobile number or email address you provided belongs to you. The registration process can not continue without a verification code.

Why do I need to verify my account?


Account verification is required to avoid misuse of the service. By account verification, we make sure that no web bots or crawlers get registered and misuse the system. Account verification aslo makes sure that only Pakistani audience registers with the service.

How do I get Verification code?
I have not recieved verification code?


A verification code is sent to your mobile number if you are registering with a mobile or it is sent to your email if you are registering through a 'reference code'.

If you have provided your mobile number or email address and not recieved the verification code, you can request the verification code again by clicking here

I live outside Pakistan?
or I dont have a mobile?


If you live outside Pakistan or don't have a mobile, you can still register through a reference-code. Click here to find what is a reference-code.

I dont have reference code or a mobile, How can I register?


If you do not have a mobile or a reference-code, you can register by making a 'request'. Read more about it,here

Why do we need your mobile number for registration?


We require your mobile number only for registration purposes and your mobile number is not used for any other purpose. A mobile number is used to register unique users and this is done by sending an account-verification code to the moobile number provided during registration. Usage - FAQ

Why is my recipients number blocked?
Why am I getting the error: SMS recieving to this : ############# number(s) is BLOCKED by
How to UNBLOCK a number?


smsDakia reserves the right to block or black-list any mobile number from the system so that no communication can be performed from smsDakia to some specific number and vice versa.

A mobile number user/holder may choose to STOP or BLOCK receiving of text messages from for any reason. This can be achieved by simply sending a 'BLOCK' message in reply to sms sent from

In most cases, smsDakia only block a mobile number on request from the user of the blocked/recipients number.

If a number is blocked accidently, or the account holders want a number removed from the block-list, or the blocked number's user for any reason want to UN-BLOCK or delist their number from smsDakia blocked-list, the following procedure should be followed:

To UN-BLOCK a number, the user of blocked number should send an 'UNBLOCK' message from their mobile to +92 333 5144 033. smsDakia will have to manually remove the number from the list of blocked numbers. The process usually takes 24 hrs to complete after receiving of the request.

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